Derrick Ofosu Boateng

Derrick Portrait.jpeg

changing the story that is told of africa

Derrick Ofosu Boateng is a young, booming iPhone artist, based in accra, ghana.

about Derrick:

inspired by the richness of the african lifestyle, Derrick’s contemporary photography aims to influence the world’s perception of africa and its art, often viewed through a limited lens in film and media.

through his art, he is inspired to represent the beauty and visual poetry of everyday african culture, lifestyles and behaviors thereby “changing the story that is told of africa.”

though taken in ghana, he believes that the intimate images he captures are representation of life anywhere on the continent.

"photography has always made me happy, since I was a child, and now it means something important to me because it is the way I have to defend the idea that africa is not just something negative."

in the global art industry, africa is still underrepresented, and he strives to connect with an international audience through the reach of his Instagram account.

his creative approach to photography is methodically concerted and self-produced, beginning from shooting on his father’s iPhone, and today he’s still an “iPhone artist” because he finds it portable and cheap to purchase compared to the digital camera.

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