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meridian - Justin Dingwall & Roman Handt

Justin Dingwall & Roman Handt

South Africa

the "rerouted" series

"This is where we find ourselves, we are in the moment of being rerouted.

We face a choice for a different path, a new course, an unfamiliar way to get to our destination. We had plans, our journeys mapped out, until we were unexpectedly forced to change direction.

This art series is a commentary on our current situation, and the unexpected roads we must navigate. It focuses on travel, and how restrictions on our movement affects every aspect of our lives. From visiting loved ones, going to and from work, and many other activities, travel forms a predominant part of life. Without it, we experience separation and loneliness, financial loss, retrogression… society just stops.

Voyaging is largely how society progresses, as humans explore, learn, and find new pathways and livelihoods. We cannot move forward without travel.


By foregrounding representations of movement - in the imagery of bicycles, motorbikes, and planes, this series investigates feelings about freedom of movement."


illusion - Justin Dingwall & Roman Handt


wayfaring - Justin Dingwall & Roman Handt

Bon Rire 2.JPG

bon rire v.2 - Derrick Ofosu Boateng

A big catch we have made

Carefully we clasp the beauty we have captured in our nets

Even in times of danger,

We still treasure these feelings.

Regardless of our trepidations,

We bow our heads together in trust and confidence

And when it is all over,

We share a good laugh.

In life we face challenges, we go through highs and lows

No one is impenetrable therefore this is a reminder to all,

Capture the good moments, hold on to them even in your sad times.

Be confident and believe that you would smile again and again.


Hueism color language

Blue: security, confidence, assurance, peace

Red : fear, power


masked grief v.6 - Derrick Ofosu Boateng

"I denuded myself,

All my clothes of grief I took off,

A natural largesse I came by, I wrap for fears and insecurities.

I stand in my essential state in awe

For the colors of my life that have been diluted by my frequent tears are enriched again."


Nudity in art is used to express ones basic state in life or a person’s fears or insecurities. This art challenges us to do away with all our fears and insecurities in order to uncover our inner beauty and constant happiness in life."


Hueism color language

Yellow: positive feelings, riches

Pink: sweetness, joy.

Blue: confidence, stability, authority

Le Sourire v2.0 - 97pc.jpg

le sourire v.2 - Derrick Ofosu Boateng

"Inside my youthful reek I drew my strength

A power that no one can filch

I became one with nature

My thoughts were elevated

Motility and spirituality were deeply coalesced

All beings that had thoughts were impelled

For joy has vanquished the rhymes of humanity’s sad tunes

And laugher never felt this good.

Flowers, a balloon and a rich dark blue background. This is a revelation of the power that a child possesses, more often the youth are underestimated but should they be guided to exploit their potentials to the fullest, I believe the world would be a happy place characterized by joy and laughter."

Hueism color language

Yellow: positive feelings, riches

Blue: confidence, stability, authority

Dark red: power

The Story Of The Inseparable Friends v3.0.JPG

lThe Story Of The Inseparable Friends v3.0 - Derrick Ofosu Boateng

In strength and unity they stood,

Their feet, rooted their souls together as a single tree.

A bond so simple like a yarn,

Yet woven together to form a strong garment of friendship.

Together, they stand against the baleful wind.

Swathed in the energy of an osnaburg,

They speak a common tongue called peace.


The truth of a friendship lies in its ability to withstand pressures of separation

And numerous tests that are associated with time.

With this, I was inspired to create this art as a representation of a good friendship.

One that is tight, one that unifies.

For unity begets strength. It is often said that a single broom is easy to break as compared to a bunch.


Hueism color language

Black: energy, ambience

Blue: togetherness, unity, peace

Peach: bond, friendship


sand & sugar 02 - Julia Buruleva

performance and improvisation. staging the naked body as a particle in the world of aesthetics.

Julia Buruleva’s creative games waverings between performance, photography and installation. she creates her own theatre during the shoots full of weird but visually strong aesthetic. there is no digital postproduction.

the way she plays with scenery, objects, models, light and decoration gives the observer the feeling of surrealism. she stages psychedelic photographs with an amazing dense atmosphere that capture a world of beauty and mystery.



color therapy 01 - Julia Buruleva

performance and improvisation. staging the naked body as a particle in the world of aesthetics.


Julia Buruleva made this series through photo performance, one of her favorite ways to create:


she invites anonymous participants for a shoot. she doesn't know beforehand how many will come, their appearance, their personality or how they will interact with each other. She just offers some main visual theme and then lets models improvise.


things happen freely during the shoot. she doesn't have any final image in her mind.


12. Tauromachy- Mexican Diaries Some Magazin.jpg

tauromachy I - Iwajla Klinke

"After I worked on series about young students in bullfighting schools in Spain and Mexico, I researched for ceremonies within popular youth cultures where boys turn themselves into a bull.

This portrait was taken during Holy Week in Michoacan, Mexico. The boy represents a young Judean during a mourning procession on Good Friday centered around the death of Christ, all boys being dressed in red. While his mask refers at the same time to an ancient Mexican bull totem/ deity as well as the contemporary Chicago based basketball team Chicago Bulls."


therian infantes III - Iwajla Klinke

therian infantes.png

therian infantes IX - Iwajla Klinke

the "therian infantes" series (*)

“the series was taken during the Navaratri festival, in different areas of Karnataka, India.

boys dancing through the streets of their urban neighbourhoods acting as tigers since Durga, the deity honoured by this festival is imagined riding a tiger.

the series follows the traces of the ancient weretiger myth in contemporary youth culture in different cities and countries. Like the idea of werewolves in Europe, similar concepts exist in Asia and America for tigers, jaguars and leopards. a human transforming into a mythic animal and vice versa. I found similar street cultures among young boys in Mexican suburbs, in Guatemala, Panama, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, etc. all of them usually participate in this youth culture until they get married.”


Therianthropy: the mythological ability of human beings to metamorphose into other animals

Infants: children of the royal family who will not become king/queen


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